Dobrý deň from Považská Bystrica

Slovakia is a young continuously developing country. Since the founding of the state 25 years ago, global networking and technical know-how, with all the resulting effects, have been growing at a rapid pace. At the same time, however, we are preserving our traditions and values. Thanks to its geographical location, the present Slovakia has a long tradition of trade and is characterized by a mixture of different cultures.

Nordic discipline, Western precision, Eastern emotionality and Southern temperament come together in our country. And in the end, our capacity for compassion and good-heartedness always wins. In this field of tension, we are proud of the diversity of our employees, who are smart, nimble and inventive and make up the DESMA team.


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The demands on our site in Slovakia are high and development is correspondingly dynamic. Information must therefore flow very fast in all directions. This only works through a close exchange between departments – and ultimately colleagues. This enables us to find solutions quickly and efficiently for the tasks at hand. Not least because many of our managers started their careers in production and therefore have access to broad, in-depth knowledge. The management at the Považská Bystrica plant knows exactly what special requirements there are and where support can be provided and by what means. This is reinforced by inspiring impulses which we receive from our colleagues at the other DESMA locations. In this way, we get to know the most diverse ways of thinking and working.

Exchange, communication and the appreciation of other opinions is of high value to us, and we consciously promote and preserve this at DESMA Slovakia. Thus, team building is also on our agenda. We are in a continuous, never ending optimization process – according to our open culture and way of thinking. We want to keep on improving in order to deliver first-class quality to our customers. The ONE TEAM initiative, which is characterized by further qualification and team-building measures, makes a significant contribution to this.

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