Application engineering knowledge is one of our key differentiators and defines our core competence. For process and product developments, a comprehensive machine park and highly qualified application engineers are available to you at all DESMA locations.
TTIME TO MARKET – is becoming a decisive competitive advantage in an increasingly fast-paced world. We offer services that are only available from DESMA in this form throughout the industry.

As a rule, up to 10 different injection molding machines of all clamping force sizes are available for process developments. In addition, we always have LSR dosing systems or silicon stuffer device systems to be able to completely cover the processing of silicones. From our entire cold runner program, we have a wide variety of test cold runners ready to carry out appropriate tests. For process automation, various robots are available, which can then be equipped with appropriate gripping systems as required. We also have Reometers or Brabender devices to test materials in advance and to document material properties.

In addition to the technical center in Fridingen (Germany), we also have an extensive range of machinery and highly qualified application engineers at our locations in Hebron (USA), Ahmedabad (India) and Wuxi (China).
In total, we have a capacity of 12 application engineers at your disposal.