Our broad product portfolio offers a wide range of choices for your individual application. Our project department supports the decision-making process at any time, or defines the most suitable cold runner system as part of a production study. With our CoolApp, you also have software at your disposal to select the most economical cold runner solution. Many thousands of delivered cold runner systems of various designs confirm our experience. FlowControl and our ZeroWaste ITM technology have also received the DKG Product Award.

The closed design makes this cold runner pressure-resistant up to 3,500 bar, polished manifolds and baffles allow easy and reliable cleaning by vulcanizing out and free spraying. The block and the nozzles are temperature-controlled by separate cooling circuits, allowing optimum adaptation to the process. In addition, spring-loaded sliding nozzles ensure an expulsion-free transition between cold runner nozzles and mold.


Proven cold runner system in uncompromising quality: Mature technology for safe production processes

Double deck COLD RUNNER

Centered between two mold levels for double productivity with the
same machine size

The DESMA double deck cold runner with nozzle distribution in two levels enables the production to be almost doubled. It is ideal for rubber and silicone processing, and especially indispensable in gasket production. It combines all the advantages of the cold runner system with open, temperature-controlled nozzles, with optimum utilization of the cycle time through simultaneous production of molded articles on two levels.

FlowControl cold runner technology, proven in tough production use for many years, offers new possibilities and flexibility in rubber and silicone processing.

Our patented nozzle system FlowControl with its innovative shut-off nozzles is very often used as a universal cold runner for a wide variety of applications in addition to article direct gating. Here DESMA focuses not only on the complete sprue waste prevention, but also on the variable nozzle trimming via the control of the injection molding machines. Each nozzle has a separate hydraulic cylinder that operates the shutter in conjunction with a mechanism located outside the nozzle. This mechanism means that the mixing channel has no interfering needle to prevent high pressure losses. Only at the nozzle outlet there is a sliding nozzle with a needle stub around which the mixture flows.

The separate control of each nozzle with a special hydraulic system and corresponding input mask on the control side of the injection molding machine enables flexible shutdown points per nozzle. This not only ensures precise filling of the articles, but also makes it possible to produce different article geometries in one mold. The shut-off points per nozzle can be entered either via the injected volume or time-controlled at the machine control. This allows volume trimming via the control system and storage of the data together with the mold data record. With DESMA PressureSense technology, volume trim can also be determined automatically. Mold cavity pressure sensors report the cavity pressures to the control system, and when the specified cavity pressure is reached, the cold runner nozzle closes automatically.


Full control over every single nozzle


Valuable savings potential in
small-batch production

With the innovative VARIO cold runner technology from DESMA, nozzle distances in injection molding machines can be variably adjusted for the first time to cover different shapes. Since multiple use is possible by simply adjusting the nozzle spacing, the VARIO cold runner technology offers great savings potential even for smaller series.

Latest patented ITM technology for sprueless direct gating with integrated hydraulic valve gate nozzles. Perfect for producing small seals with low waste and no sprue loss. These temperature-controlled ITM (Injection Transfer Molding) pots allow for many, closely spaced gating nozzles, which is not possible with normal cold runner systems. In addition, special software is used to be able to run corresponding ‘injection profiles’. The hydraulic surface ratios in the so-called transfer chamber and the underlying article level result in optimum mold pressing and natural balancing, which can enable article production without reworking. This advanced technology also won the DKG Product Award.


Sprue-free article production.
State-of-the-art ITM technology from DESMA


Ideal for the production of
small precision articles
with a stable and resource-saving process

With our temperature-controlled ITM-pot,very small nozzle distances can be realized, which means that considerably more articles can be injection-molded with pinpoint accuracy and produced with little reworking. This technology offers enormous savings potential and fast material changeover. Together with our 3-phase ITM program, perfect article results are achieved.