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    Normally we welcome our customers for training courses at our Fridingen facility. Or our training team travels directly to the customer - no matter which country. Nobody would...


DESMA brings expert knowledge to the screen

With the new e-training platform, the company Klöckner DESMA Elastomertechnik GmbH, Fridingen, brings expert knowledge about the topic elastomer processing on domestic PCs. With the web-based, interactive learning program, the machine manufacturer chiefly addresses the employees of its customers who are interested in advanced training or brushing up their knowledge without the rush of daily business.

Full access to valuable expert knowledge

Special focus is set on machine setters and operators. In order to control modern manufacturing systems optimally and to take advantage of all opportunities, broad expertise is required which calls for continuous advanced training. Often there is not much time left to do so. Additionally, manufacturing processes are increasingly relocated close to the customer's site enabling, for example, to supply just in time. Here the focus is frequently set on the machine only, whereas the new employees are steamrolled by technical requirements.
However, in well-established factories as well, there is demand for knowledge – even if it is just about brushing up long-forgotten details.

For all these needs, DESMA now offers in addition to the classical courses from machine operation to application technology training, two new possibilities for tailored learning of expert knowledge,

  • the interactive knowledge platform e-training 

E-training provides registered users with access to state-of-the-art expert knowledge of elastomer processing. Understanding the roots of elastomer processing and the injection moulding technique is one goal. A great advantage is that the users are then able to directly apply this knowledge in their companies.


The contents of this offer are continuously extended. Handling it is very easy. One can work through the pages like in a textbook. The descriptions and explanations are completed with numerous graphics and pictures as well as animation movies or videos. The expected time for learning is indicated at each individual learning block. If wanted, knowledge can be tested in a small exam.
Another great asset of the bilingual (German/(English) knowledge platform is its availability worldwide. No matter where, whether at the domestic PC or on one’s way with the smart phone, the web-based knowledge platform can be reached globally. Only a access authorization and registration at is required. Please contact our Customer Care Center.



Apart from instructions, there are currently ten learning modules available on the interactive knowledge platform:

  • Informations about DESMA, the e-training team, description and using of e-training
  • Elastomer processing – definitions, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), process technique of elastomer injection moulding, injection and dwell pressure phase as well as cold runner technology
  • DESMA rubber injection moulding machines & equipment – presentation of the new S3 machine series
  • Control system DRC 2020 HT – presentation and explanation of the operating panel with basic operator pages as well as examples of operation
  • Errors in injection moulding – explanations regarding influencing factors such as gas entrapments, insufficiently cross-linked spots, cracks in the article (backgrinding) or premature vulcanization (scorch)
  • Hydraulic system basic information – explanation of physical- and fluidic basics as well as hydraulic components in DESMA machines
  • Step by step to operate a machine - instruction for setting of driving- and injection profiles as well as the machine cycle row F(x)
  • Cold runner technique - overview and explanations about various cold runner types such as the standard cold runner, FlowControl cold runner, ZeroWaste-ITM and needle shut off cold runner
  • Process optimization system PropterLight - introduction to the operation of PropterLight, as well as a step-by-step manual including parameter input for mixture and tool data
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