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Registration Roadshow 2016

Dear business partners,

do you also want to capitalize on the opportunities of digitalization and connectivity for an even more profitable production?

To meet your needs, DESMA took the plunge. We are on the way to evolve from the leading mechanical engineering company into the integrated service provider. Already now, we are therefore able to offer you the connection to the options of industry 4.0.

During our 16,500 km DESMA Inspiration Tour 2016 across Europe, we are going to visit you, too.

For this it just takes three steps. We are looking forward to your registration!

Roadshow Truck
Truck data:
Maximum weight: 40 tons
Dimensions: 16.5 x 2.30 x 4.00 m
Area required: minimum of 16.5 x 9.00 m
Is your company site passable by truck and can you provide us a reserved area?
Yes, we can provide you a reserved area
No, we can´t provide you a such an area
Is there an alternative parking space nearby, for example an employee parking lot or a public parking place?
Yes, we have an alternative parking space nearby
No, we don´t have an alternative parking space nearby
Provides the parking place plenty of space for manoeuvres?
Yes, there is enough space for manoeuvres
No, there is not sufficient space for manoeuvres
Provides the parking place a plane and solid underground
(no sloping)?
The suitable parking space is plane and has a solid underground (no sloping)
No, the parking space is not plane (sloping) and has a loose underground
If you have a DESMA machine with the controller DRC 2020 HT, DRC 1210 DRC 1010 or DRC 2010 on site. Our live demo present the impressing proof of the new capabilities.
Your production keeps running, there is no need to remove a machine out of production. Duration of the live demo approx. one hour.

Yes, we do have a suitable machine
No, we don´t have such a suitable machine

Prior to our visit, our service technicians has to take technical preparations on the machine. In order to schedule an appointment our Customer Care Center will contact you in advance. The whole installation takes approx. two hours. During the installation the production process can be continued without any problems.

Is there a possibility of an internet connection via LAN at the machine?
Is there an alternative network (e.g. mobile) available?