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    Our colleagues from DESMA India enjoyed with their family and friends the DESMA Family Day. The varied program was made and performed by the kids. We would just add one thing: WE...



    Wir suchen zur Inbetriebnahme und Wartung unserer Maschinen bei unseren Kunden im In- und Ausland, zum nächstmöglichen Termin eine/n: ***SERVICETECHNIKER/IN*** Dein...


BENCHMARK S3 – Incomparable

New standards

The BENCHMARK S3 by DESMA is a vertical machine featuring a totally new design. An impressive package of technical features - such as ServoGear, ActiveFeed, PlastControl, QuickLockQuickLock  and the FIFO-Advanced  injection moulding unit - definitely sets new standards.

The new 19“ DRC 2020 HT visualisation unit features the Haptic-Touch innovation, opening the door to many new possibilities. The service-friendly covering offers integrated vapour extraction and much reduced noise generation – thanks to the new ServoGear-hydraulics – together with the improved overall ergonomics: all adding up to significantly lower stresses on the operator.

For eyes and ears

Sharp lines, excellent accessibility, carefully thought-out and designed conduit arrangement in conjunction with an innovative design and robust overall construction offer the best platform for a long machine life in tough production environments.

For us, delivering reliability for the future by way of efficient state-of-the-art drive technologies in conjunction with perfect ease of operation is a commitment: in line with the spirit of the successful BENCHMARK-series.


Summary of advantages

Persuasive arguments

  • Energy saving drive thanks to ServoGear hydraulics
  • Significant reductions in noise emission
  • Much improved positioning accuracy of all hydraulic movements
  • Simple machine operation thanks to 19” Haptic-Touch screen with new intuitive user interface
  • FlexInterlock allows freely programmable core puller lockings
  • Further improved stroke ratios
  • FIFO-Advanced  injection unit for even better injection precision
  • Combination options with large silicone stuffing systems
  • ActiveFeed for more reliable feed of material strips of larger dimensions
  • Footprint reduced by 10 %
  • Up to 50 % further improved injection accuracy thanks to PlastControl   
  • Swivelling screw cylinder unit for simplified material change
  • High-speed mould change thanks to QuickLock system
  • New covering for improved accessibility for servicing
  • Hydraulic lines almost totally ducted to reduce maintenance costs
  • Integrated extraction option for vapours and satisfying overall design


Standard Baureihe ZO

  • Ergonomischer Maschinenaufbau
  • Geringe Tischhöhe
  • Vollhydraulisches Schließsystem

zur Vertikalmaschine Baureihe ZO

Spritzgussmaschine BAUREIHE ZO


  • Einfache Bedienbarkeit
  • Hohe Stabilität
  • Langlebigkeit

zur Vertikalmaschine Benchmark

Spritzgussmaschine Benchmark

Baureihe T

  • Seitliche Einspritzung
  • Höhenverstellbare Spritzeinheit
  • Große Schussvolumina möglich

zur Vertikalmaschine T-Baureihe

Spritzgussmaschine Baureihe T