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    Scott Early, General Manager of DESMA USA, recently welcomed Marco Shafer, Regional Sales Manager of DESMA Schuhmaschinen, to visit the American plant.DESMA Elastomertechnik and...



    The enhanced servo-driven brush modules called ServoBrush are equipped with a powerful external electric drive and have a horizontal axis for freely selectable position...


High-Tension insulators

Special machine for large parts

DESMA special machines for the production of large-sized high-tension insulators

Depending on the voltage level, high-tension insulators are often several meters long. In the injection moulding process they are usually produced by applying the "Step-Moulding-Method". However, with the number of steps being increased, the total cycle time rises as well. If the insulators are manually transferred, there will be the risk of an increased reject rate as a result of an operating error.

Cost-saving solutions in the process technology of DESMA

On the basis of a D 968.560 ZO BENCHMARK 750 DESMA developed a special machine which enables the injection moulding of 1,500 mm long articles in one piece by means of mould carrier platens lengthened to 1,700 mm. So the number of steps could be more than halved. The new D 968.700 T has been recently added for article lengths of up to 1,700 mm.

This special machine can be optionally fitted with a LSR injection unit which makes a maximum injection volume of 11,000 cm³ possible. Due to the fact that that liquid silicone is being applied, the injection unit is sufficiently dimensioned with a pressure of 1,000 bar. The injection mould with quickly changeable inserts was developed and produced by the DESMA mould shop. Compared to conventional injection units for customary elastomers, clear cost benefits can be achieved.

BENCHMARK D 968.560 ohne LSR

As an option, this injection moulding machine can be equipped with a special LSR injection unit which allows for a maximum injection volume of 11,000 cm³. Since liquid silicone is applied, the injection unit is sufficiently dimensioned for a pressure of 1,000 bar. The injection mould with quickly exchangeable inserts was developed and produced in the DESMA in-house mould shop. As against conventional injection units for standard elastomers, substantial cost advantages can be achieved.

Other Special Machine Series

Stator Machines

  • Special machines for pump stators
  • Single-Inject (Z) or Twin-Inject (ZZ)
  • Wide range of accessoires

to Stator machines

Spritzguss Statorenmaschine

Multi Component Machines

  • two-Component injection moulding machine
  • Two-Color control system available
  • Flexible positions of injection units

to Multi component machines


Large Machines

  • Injection volumes up to 25.000cm3
  • Twin-Injection unit possible
  • Two different clamp forces available

to Large machine series

Spritzguss Großmaschinen

C-Frame Series

  • Extensive special equipment
  • Very stable C-Frame
  • Injection units for TPE usage

to C-Frame series

C-Rahmen Baureihe


  • Injection from the bottom
  • Hydraulically retractable injection unit
  • Injection unit with angular nozzle

to ZU machine series



  • two-platen clamping system
  • TPE injection unit available
  • Very rigid overall

to Hydrobalance series

Spritzgussmaschine Hydrobalance