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    Scott Early, General Manager of DESMA USA, recently welcomed Marco Shafer, Regional Sales Manager of DESMA Schuhmaschinen, to visit the American plant.DESMA Elastomertechnik and...



    The enhanced servo-driven brush modules called ServoBrush are equipped with a powerful external electric drive and have a horizontal axis for freely selectable position...


Injection moulding machines

DESMA Injection Moulding Machines for Silicone Processing

The open machine architecture forms the basis of all DESMA injection moulding machines. The modular concept also enables the subsequent expansion of DESMA injection moulding machines with DESMA peripherals and innovations. In this way, DESMA will be able to secure all future advantages for elastomer processing companies in a simple and economical way.

Vertical injection moulding machines

Compared to horizontal presses, vertical injection moulding machines are less common. The two presses resemble each other in the way the injection unit is mounted horizontally. The tool opening, however, is in the vertical position. Vertical injection moulding machines are mainly used for products that are overmoulded. Overmolding is usually a process in which a softer, malleable material is injected over a rigid plastic. There are three options for overmolding: Insert molding, two-shot molding and co-injection. These methods differ in the technique of forming parts.

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Horizontal injection moulding machines

Horizontal injection moulding machines are the most common machines on the market. It bears its name because the mould and the injection unit open and close horizontally. To ensure that injection moulding machines of this type maintain heat stabilization, the sprue bushing remains in contact with the injection unit. Maintaining heat stabilization is the key to optimal injection. This ensures that the quantity of surplus material is kept to a minimum and the quality of the sprayed product is free of defects. Once injected, gravity helps eject the part as soon as the mold opens.

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Injection moulding machines special series for various special applications

DESMA's special models of the special series provide solutions for customer enquiries which cannot be solved with conventional techniques or which cannot be solved satisfactorily. For example, with the D 957 HydroBalance injection moulding machine, the C-frame is replaced by a tension and pressure column system, thus preventing the usual bending up of the C-frame due to the hydraulics used. And with the help of the convertible rubber/TPE combination injection unit, production capacities can be controlled particularly easily and flexibly. With the special series for injection moulding machines, it is possible to address a wide range of industry requirements perfectly. Further injection moulding machines of our special series, such as our large machines with an injection volume of up to 25,000 cm3 and our rotors for mass production or our injection moulding machines with injection from below, can be found here.

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TCO - Total cost of ownership always under control

In addition to the investment-oriented business perspectives, the evaluation and active use of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) concepts in manufacturing companies is becoming increasingly important. TCO comprises all the costs incurred by the operator of a machine. Against this background, DESMA is in a position to realistically predict the TCO of injection moulding machines so that they can serve as a reliable basis for the improvement of costs through technical and organisational measures. Particular attention is paid to the precise consideration of energy efficiency and maintenance measures.

Information about system solutions

Additional peripherals


Due to the FIFO principle (first-in-first-out), the material is always injected into the mould, which first plastifies. The result is an even residence time of the mixture in the injection unit at a constant mess pressure. With our injection units, the mess temperature can be increased during the entire plasticizing process, thus significantly reducing the heating time that drives costs.

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The interface between man and machine has always been intuitive and easy to learn at DESMA. In line with this trend and in keeping with its innovative claim, DESMA will continue to set new standards in the future with the new DRC operating panel for injection moulding machines.

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