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    Scott Early, General Manager of DESMA USA, recently welcomed Marco Shafer, Regional Sales Manager of DESMA Schuhmaschinen, to visit the American plant.DESMA Elastomertechnik and...



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Moulds / Cold Runner

Innovation for a resource-conserving production success

DESMA injection moulding machines produce sophisticated products made of rubber and silicone for a very wide range of industries. In order to secure all competitive advantages for elastomer processing companies even in view of rising costs for energy, raw material and disposal, and also while they are fulfilling their environmental responsibility, DESMA not only offers leading machine technology, but innovative moulds, cold runner systems and turnkey projects as well.

Ahead with DESMA moulds. The DESMA mould shop produces injection moulds and cold runner systems for all clamping forces and machine makes. Along with DESMA machines, comprehensive injection moulding systems result which excel with effi ciency and environmental protection. The various industry requirements are factored into the DESMA developments and ensure with intelligent technology maximum performance, productivity and profi tability in elastomer processing.

Capitalizing on margins successfully. The moulds of DESMA safely satisfy all quality requirements in injection moulding. Costs for material, heating and power are thus considerably lowered and at the same time higher capacities and even more efficiency and flexibility are achieved in production.

Cold runner technology from DESMA

DESMA expertise in cold runner technology
Injection moulding machine and cold runner technology

Turnkey systems from the injection moulding expert. DESMA designs and builds individual moulds, cold runner blocks and systems for process automation which suit the use in DESMA injection moulding systems perfectly. Tailor-made and process-oriented solutions for all clamping forces, volumes of production and needs, which guarantee profitable production in other machine makes as well.

Profitable all down the line. The proven DESMA injection moulds and innovative cold runner systems enable your company to increase volume and capacity and to considerably lower the costs for heating, material and production at the same time – and thus to secure real competitive advantages.

The advantages of cold runners at a glance
Benefits of cold runners


Designed for every application. We provide a broad product portfolio with intelligent technologies for an extremely diversified range of objectives of the elastomer processing industry – from proven open systems to forward-looking cold runner systems with shut-off systems.

Requirements on a cold runner

  • Balanced flow properties in the distribution system
  • Defined filling of cavities 
  • Low pressure loss 
  • Continuous material flow without marginal deposit formation and dead spots 
  • Cross sections of the distribution channels adapted to material and injection volume 
  • Flash-free transition between cold runner nozzle and mould 


  • Dynamic material flow without interfering edges 
  • Simple, fast and confusion-proof disassembly and assembly 
  • Homogeneously controllable temperature of the block and the nozzles 
  • Defined temperature transition between cold runner and mould 
  • Even temperature distribution of the heating plate 
  • Good insulation between block and heating plate 


Cold runner systems overview

  • Flash-free transition due to spring-loaded sliding nozzles between cold runner and mould 
  • Temperature-controlled nozzles in a separate circuit 
  • Pressure-resistant up to 3,500 bar 
Standard cold runner
  • Standard cold runner with two decks 
  • Ideal for silicone and rubber processing 
  • Doubling of production through 2-deck production 
  • Frequently used in seal production 


2-Deck open cold runner
  • Separate material distribution 
  • Separate nozzle circuits 
  • Available with open or with gated nozzles 


  • Open nozzle design to realize central injection from top or bottom when using a machine with parting line injection (lateral injection unit) 
  • Nozzle positions infinitely adjustable 
  • Open nozzle design with spring-loaded sliding nozzle 
  • Variable nozzle spacing 


More informations to VARIO cold runner

Vario cold runner technology from DESMA
  • Patented FlowControl nozzle 
  • Hydraulic single-nozzle control 
  • Pressure-resistant system up to 3,500 bar 
  • Simple nozzle balancing via machine control 
  • Alternative: Volume balancing via PressureSense 
  • Better article quality, as no rework needed on the runners 
  • No material loss due to direct injection without runners 

More informations to FlowControl cold runner

FlowControl cold runner from DESMA
  • Electrically controlled gated nozzles 
  • Fast machine adaptation through electrical connection possible 
  • Quick and easy material change due to partially split design 
  • Nozzle balancing by setting the position of the gated needle right at the machine control 
  • Alternative: Volume balancing via PressureSense 


E-Drive cold runner with electric shut-off nozzles
  • Very small nozzle spacings are possible 
  • Enormous savings potential of 30-50% can be achieved 
  • Perfect with DESMA 3-phase ITM program 
  • Rework-free article production possible 


  • Patented system 
  • Natural balancing without additional adjustment work 
  • Each nozzle with separate drive for maximum process safety 
  • Perfect for the zero-waste production of small precision articles 


More informations to ZeroWaste ITM-pot

  • Compensating system for the production of precision articles with little or without rework
  • Top-quality results with rather simple, low-cost moulds
  • Multi-purpose application
  • Maintenance-free


More informations to DesFlex


Which cold runner variant is the right one?

Questions that are answered in the video:

  • From what quantity is a cold runner worthwhile?
  • What savings can be achieved with a cold runner system?
  • What other advantages does a DESMA cold runner offer?