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The BENCHMARK machine Series

Ergonomic vertical machines of DESMA set new standards

Leading in all disciplines. All DESMA BENCHMARK injection moulding machines unite a unique range of beneficial technology. Worldwide, thousands of vertical injection moulding machines of this series are doing a tough job, documenting success on a daily basis. A perfect basis for elastomer-processing companies, enabling them to successfully meet future dynamic market requirements.
With the highly ergonomic BENCHMARK vertical machines, DESMA offers the best prerequisites for a profitable and efficient processing of rubber and silicone. Even a BENCHMARK S3 with a clamping force of up to 11,000 kN is very easy to operate because it is accessible without any pits, ladders or platforms.

Facts about the BENCHMARK machine series:

    • User-friendly table heights of 750 mm to 900 mm (floor – top edge heating platen)
    • Minimum construction height of the complete machine
    • Amply dimensioned opening strokes
    • Extremely deflection-resistant and generously dimensioned clamping unit
    • Fully hydraulic clamping system with automated mould height adjustment
    • Excellently accessible material feed


    Peak performance by the world champion. Theinnovative vertical machine D 968.1000 ZO B 900 by DESMA completes the BENCHMARK S3 series in the upper range. The largest BENCHMARK offers a clamping force of 11,000 kN with a table height of only 900 mm and an injection volume of up to 22,900 cm³. With its compact dimensions it is world-wide unrivalled - even large machines with 11,000 kN are easy to operate like that. Commensurate with the extent of clamping force,the DESMA D 968.1000 ZO B 900 offers exceedingly generous stroke ratios. In addition, the fully hydraulic BENCHMARK clamping system guarantees an extremely high stability of the clamping unit. Besides, the injection moulding machine is equipped with the latest protective enclosure offering maximum flexibility in case of conversion or retrofitting.


    • Max. injection volume: 22,900 cm³
    • Table height floor – top edge heating platen: 900 mm
    • Maximum opening stroke of the injection moulding machine: 1,030 mm
    • Maximum clamping force: 11,000 kN
    • Clearance between the heating platens: 1,230 mm
    BENCHMARK 968.560 ZO (S1)
    BENCHMARK 968.250 ZO (S1)
    BENCHMARK 968.250 ZO (S1)
    BENCHMARK  968.400 ZO (S2)
    BENCHMARK 968.400 ZO (S2)
    BENCHMARK  968.700 ZO (S1)
    BENCHMARK 968.700 ZO (S1)
    BENCHMARK  968.1000 ZO (S1)
    BENCHMARK 968.1000 ZO (S1)